10 Information Technology Quiz – IT QUIZ

10 - IT Quiz and answers

In Short: Have you ever participated in an It Quiz Competition? We have 10 It quiz questions to question your mind.

  1. “Life is short have an affair” – Slogan of a social networking site owns by Avid Life Media.Site has been
    hacked by hackers which is leading increase in local divorces.Name the site?
    Ans: Ashley madison
  2. Hardware technicians all over the world use a special technique termed as percussive maintenance. What is it?
    Ans: Hitting something repeatedly until its starts working
  3. Which word originated in middle east stands for a step-by-step procedure for calculations?
  4. Who Wrote the Book Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
    Ans:Rashmi Bansal
  5. Who coined the term net neutrality or internet neutrality?
    Ans:The term was coined by Tim wu who is the media professor in Columbia university in 2003
  6. A project by wikipedia to make mobile internet available to people in developing countries is known as?
    Ans:Wikipedia Zero
  7. Name the Mascot of the GIMP Software(Gnu Image Manipulation Program)?
    Ans: Wilber
  8. Which Country made their election through Internet?
    Ans: Estonia
  9. Billion beats is an e-publication by an Indian. Name him?
    Ans: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
  10. Expand PayTM. The Mobile App?
    Ans: Pay Through Mobile

Hope you enjoyed the quiz. We will be bringing more quiz hacks soon. Stay tuned and let us know what you think

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