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In Short: Review of 24 , The Time Travelling movie from india. We have a short review of the movie 24 on hot.

After a long time waiting, today the movie 24 released . It is the first film based on Time Travelling in India. Such a concept happened in India was a really brave decision by the director, and it released world wide.

24 is an Indian Tamil-language science fiction thriller film, written and directed by Vikram Kumar. The film stars SuriyaSamanthaand Nithya Menen

Movie Review of 24 & Rating: Suriya / Surya 24 Is A Tamil Movie And Also Releasing In Telugu Movie Same Time. Talented actor Suriya has been struggling for a hit however he has been doing back to back films.

“Many writers and directors have attempted a movie dealing with time travel. But this movie is about my perspective of this genre, and unlike what usually happens in such movies, I have kept the narrative very simple, so that anyone from the ages of six, right upto sixty can enjoy the movie, in which, a gadget actually plays an important role.”

Vikram on his film, in an interview with The Times of India

Actor Suriya has played triple roles in the film, with five appearances. One of the roles being that of an antagonist, five to six looks were designed for him.The antagonist character “Athreya” is a wicked, yet smart guy who goes to any extent to fulfill his desires

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In the following video, we can see the effort behind the movie.I appreciate the director for give us a wonderful movie.

This is another milestone to the actor Surya.



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