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In Short: Introducing apps that bring sleep. This article says about sleeplessness and the best apps use to solve the problem.

Sleep is important to every animal. Cat sleeps 16 to 20 hours. Elephant sleeps 4 hours. Ants are never sleep. Bears are enters into a long stage of sleep called hibernation. We are sometimes sleeps more than 10 hours (In some cases). Some sleeps only 4 or 5 hours and less. Some people have the problem with sleep. ‘Sleeplessness’ that will cause stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure and even diabetes.The a sleep disorder called Insomina. People with insomnia have trouble sleeping: difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep as long as desired.

Now, technology found the solution of the problem through apps. The following apps help you to nod off.

  1. White Noise app – Is your sleep disturbed by noises? Here is the solution. White noise app. This app has various sounds like heavy rain, beach waves ..etc. And we can make your own combinations. Repetitive and consistent sounds help us to nod off easily. This is a paid app. For iPhone £49 and for android £1.50 only.White Noise app
  2. Misfit Shine – Do you want to track your sleep? Misfit Shine will do it. It comes with a device. We can slots the device into wristband. This will automatically detect when you’ve gone to sleep and measure how long and how deep you are under for. There is a smart alarm which will wake you up. You can buy it from amazon worth $45.72.Misfit Shine
  3. Calm – Meditation is best way to get good sleep. Anyone can use meditation to clear mind and to get better sleep. Calm provides a series of guided meditation sessions lasting up to 30 minutes. We can download this app for free but, it will try and up-sell you into a subscription.calm
  4. Beddit – I said about an app named Misfit. This app introduced by Misfit. We can use this app without external device. The Ultra-thin sensors fit under your sheets and will monitor your heart rate and breathing rate throughout the night. It will measure the quality of our sleep. And it gives tips for better sleep. It also checks the breathing rate.beddit
  5. Philips Wake-up light –Have you ever seen sun rise? I sleep near the window. In morning, sun light comes near my face. That is waking up me. Now, Philips wake-up-light brings such effects. It slowly gets brighter and brighter before an audio alarm goes off. It costs about £52, rising to about £130. It provides different colored light bulbs.Philips-Wake-Up-Light
  6. Withings aura – This provides a sleep system combines smart light with a sensor. We can put this system under our bed sheets. The lamp produce different wavelengths of light depending on whether you are trying to get to sleep or wake up. In every morning, it will tell you your heart rate, breathing and movements throughout the night. It is not cheap therefore it costs £249.withings-aura



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