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Inshort : How to browse without Internet

We are all ready to do something in Internet. But we can’t do it, because of Internet problem. Now the solution has arrived.

A new invention came to the field of PC. Offline internet PC. Enslet, a startup company from San Francisco made such a PC named endless mini. We can browse without internet from this PC. It is preloaded about 650 mb connections. Articles from Wikipedia, Educational data from Khan Academy…etc we can search such things. It is always connected with Websites. Therefore it always updated automatically. It cannot have the Monitor. But we can connect Screens or Monitors. It’s shape like grape fruit.

The Endless Mini features an AMLogic quad-core ARM Cortex A5,

a 1.50GHz Mali-450 GPU, and either a 24GB solid state drive and

1GB of RAM or a 32GB SSD and 2GB of RAM. Endless Mini is designed to

plug directly into a television using HDMI or standard composite cables. Both models have three USB ports and an Ethernet port. The 32GB Mini also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receivers.

If you are a tech enthusiast, it is not for you. Then why it is mainly introduced?

Endless designed both its original desktop PC, new Mini specifically for people in developing Nations, who have never used a computer before. The computer has less than $100 only. “Endless Mini will provide people in remote areas of the world the opportunity to learn different languages, develop technical skill sets, and build businesses” Endless CEO Matt Dalio ready for the Future. Endless Mini now available for purchase.

The future we can experience such more innovative inventions.


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