Driverless Transportation – Why Its So Good

With driverless trucks, there are more benefits upcoming in the transportation network than we had ever thought of. Apart from cost cutting, labor gains, and more fuel efficiency, there are other benefits which are interesting to know. Have a look below:

Today, a truckload shipment costs around $4,500 from L.A. to New York. And the labor charges represent 75 percent of the total cost. So, in terms of savings, a driverless truck saves 75 percent of the shipment cost.

Also, currently in the US, truck drivers cannot drive more than 11 hours per day without taking an 8-hour break. On the other hand, a driverless truck can drive nearly 24 hours per day. So if we take a look at the driving times, the driverless trucks would effectively double the output of the U.S. transportation network .

Next comes the efficiency:

For a loaded truck, the optimal cruising speed from a fuel efficiency standpoint of view is around 45 miles per hour. While the drivers who are paid by the miles drive much faster to earn more. So, in the terms of fuel efficiency, driverless trucks also perform better. Other than fuel efficiency and cost cutting, once the driverless trucks will be rolled out, we can also enjoy considerable road safety benefits.  Besides, the nature of the trucking job does not attract youngsters, so the average age of a commercial driver is 55 (and rising every year). In the upcoming year shortages, driverless trucks will be able to suffice the need for the truck drivers.

The ever great Mercedes is now making Self-Driving truck which will reduce the accidents happening on the highways and thus save thousands of lives. While it’s not fully automated self-driving like Google’s Cars, it can run on its own on open road i.e. on highways.

Mercedes is calling it the “Future Truck 2025”.

It uses combination of cameras and sensors to navigate on its own. It is equipped with dual cameras, radar sensors, and the blind-spot technology (Mercedes calls it “Highway Pilot”). A driver is needed to get the truck into the traffic and merge it in the surroundings. After this, driver can just sit back and relax. The interiors shown in the pictures released by Mercedes suggest some of the most premium interiors one can imagine for a truck.

We can wait to see how much of this is going change our lives significantly. Right? 🙂

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