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There is a ton of programming languages out there for various purposes and usages. Why python? Let me tell you something. Every programming language comes with a learning curve. Even if you know the concepts like OOP, procedure etc.. Each language have its own syntax(lets say the grammar of that language) or if you are a beginner in programming you are going to get wet very badly, you will have to put something in the air until you learn those things.

Python code is really readable and easy to learn. This might be the first time you ever coded, but it’s ok. Python is the easiest programming language to learn and it’s being used by a lot of veteran programmers, so even if you are beginner programmer, just study Python before you study other languages like C++, Java, or any other ones, because you will be caught in confusion and stagnation. On the other hand, you might have the experience with code, but have never coded in Python. Do not worry about it. The concept of Python is actually really simple for a person who has experience in other programming languages. Even if you start studying Python with a limited schedule, you will be able to become Python programmer in a couple of months later.

Python is being major programming by big companies. Google and Facebook are actually using this language, so by studying Python, your chances of getting a job or work at big companies might be expanded. Python covers a wide range of applications. Python is a flexible language that has a wide variety of use. For example, Python used to develop web application, use machine learning algorithms, gain useful info from big data and etc. As you can see, Python is an important skill for recent business analytic.

But one of thing i have learned from years of tinkering with programming languages is python is simple, powerful, and a lot easier. python is OOP language, and it is interpreted which is not like C, or C++ (They are compiled languages). With some hands on practices you can master python code if you’d like to master it. While learning you would never write a single line unless you exactly know what it is.I will be posting python tutorial one by one. Why wait? Download python now!

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