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By Elcio Abdalla; et al

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The composition of the main distant items introduced into view by way of the Hubble telescope can now not be reconciled with the nucleogenesis of ordinary cosmology and the choice clarification, when it comes to the Λ-Cold-Dark-Matter version, has no recognizable chemical foundation. A extra rational scheme, in line with the chemistry and periodicity of atomic subject, opens up a thrilling new interpretation of the cosmos when it comes to projective geometry and basic relativity.

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In 1998 Silk & Rees [66] proposed that it was the phenomenal energy output in the quasar phase, as the black hole grew in mass by accretion, which was responsible. Both grow from gas in the galaxy – the galaxy forming stars from the gas, the black hole accreting the gas. Eventually the black hole is so big and powerful that it blasts all the gas from the galaxy so both stop growing and we are left with the observed relation. There is clear evidence that massive black holes have grown by accretion from the Soltan relation [67]: η (60) where z is the mean redshift at which the accretion occurs.

Of the equation: (52) where A = 3(GM)3/c2h4 is very small. I. can be found to be: (53) Now, in this expression, the first and third terms are tiny, since A is. However, the second term, Aeφ sin φ, might be tiny at first, but will gradually grow with time, since the φ part (without a cos or sin enclosing it) means it is cumulative. We must therefore retain it, and our second approximation is (54) where (55) Using (56) we can therefore write (57) u is therefore periodic, but with period . 2 and we know M⊙ = 2 × 1030 kg.

The electron and proton, although assumed free, are bound together by electrostatic attraction. (46) where the radiative force term is the flux of photons (of typical energy hν) times the cross-section times the momentum of a photon. This gives (47) which is about 1031 W per Solar mass. Since the Eddington limit is proportional to the mass of the black hole the black hole mass can grow exponentially, if sufficient fuel is available. If growth is at the Eddington limit, the e-folding time of the black hole mass is about 4 × 107 yr.

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