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By International Code Council (ICC)) International Code Council

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ISBN-13: 9781580012584

The e-book got here on time and used to be in remarkable codition! i'm going to weork with this corporation again!!

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The permit holdcr shall give rcasonablc advance notice to lhe code official whcn thc plumbing work is ready for tests. The ecluipment, material, power and labor necessary for tlie inspection and test sliall bc fi~rnislledhy the permit holder and the permit holder sliall be responsible for determining that tlie work will wilhstand thc tcst prcssure prescribed in the following tcsts. All plumbing systenl piping shall be tested with either watcr or. for piping systcnis other than plastic, by air. After the plumbing fixturcs h a w hccn set and their traps filled with watcr, ttic entire drainage systcm shall IE submitted to final tests.

Lincrs shall bc pitched onc-fourth unit vertical in I 3 units horizontal (2-perccnt slope) and shall be sloped toward the fixture drains and be sccurcly fastcncd to the waste outlet at the scepage cntrance. making a water-tight joint between the liner and thc outlet. Exception: Floor surfaces onder showcr hcads providcd for rinsing laid dircctly on thc ground arc not rccluircd to con~plywith this section. 1 YVC sheets. 02 mm) thick, and shall meet the rcquircments of ASTJMD 4551. Sheets shall bc joincd by solvcnt w c l d i n in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instl-uctions.

3 Wiltcr conservation. 4. 1 Quality of fixtures. Plumbing fixtures shall be constl-uctcd of approved rnatcrials; with slllooth, iinpervious surfaces, fsec frcl~ndefects and conccaled fouling surfaces, and shall conform to standards cited in this code. All porcelain enarnclccl surfaccs on plumbing fiutures shall be acid resistant. Matcrials for specialty fixtures not otherwise covered in this codc shall bc of stainless steel. soapstone, chemical stoneware or plastic, or shall hc lincd with lead, coppel--base alloy.

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