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This graduate-level, course-based textual content is dedicated to the 3+1 formalism of normal relativity, which additionally constitutes the theoretical foundations of numerical relativity. The ebook starts off by way of constructing the mathematical historical past (differential geometry, hypersurfaces embedded in space-time, foliation of space-time through a family members of space-like hypersurfaces), after which turns to the 3+1 decomposition of the Einstein equations, giving upward push to the Cauchy challenge with constraints, which constitutes the center of 3+1 formalism. The ADM Hamiltonian formula of common relativity is usually brought at this degree. ultimately, the decomposition of the problem and electromagnetic box equations is gifted, concentrating on the astrophysically proper instances of an ideal fluid and an ideal conductor (ideal magnetohydrodynamics). the second one a part of the booklet introduces extra complicated issues: the conformal transformation of the 3-metric on every one hypersurface and the corresponding rewriting of the 3+1 Einstein equations, the Isenberg-Wilson-Mathews approximation to common relativity, international amounts linked to asymptotic flatness (ADM mass, linear and angular momentum) and with symmetries (Komar mass and angular momentum). within the final half, the preliminary information challenge is studied, the alternative of spacetime coordinates in the 3+1 framework is mentioned and diverse schemes for the time integration of the 3+1 Einstein equations are reviewed. the must haves are these of a simple common relativity direction with calculations and derivations offered intimately, making this article entire and self-contained. Numerical thoughts should not coated during this book.

Keywords » 3+1 formalism and decomposition - ADM Hamiltonian - Cauchy challenge with constraints - Computational relativity and gravitation - Foliation and cutting of spacetime - Numerical relativity textbook

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A a Since ∂ i is tangent to Σ, g(∂ i , ∂ j ) = γ (∂ i , ∂ j ) from the very definition of γ [Eq. 9)]. Hence we conclude that 1 K = − γ. 35) Explicitly Ki j = K θθ K θϕ K ϕθ K ϕϕ = −a 0 0 −a sin2 θ . 36) The trace of K with respect to γ is then 2 K =− . 37) With these examples, we have encountered hypersurfaces with intrinsic and extrinsic curvature both vanishing (the plane), the intrinsic curvature vanishing but not the extrinsic one (the cylinder), and with both curvatures non vanishing (the sphere).

46 3 Geometry of Hypersurfaces In addition to the extension of three dimensional tensors to four dimensional ones, → we use the orthogonal projector − γ to define an “orthogonal projection operation” for all tensors on M in the following way. βq = γ α1 μ1 . . γ α p μ p γ v1 β1 . . vq . 60) → → → Notice that for any multilinear form A on Σ, − γ ∗ (− γ ∗M A) = − γ ∗M A, for a vector − → − → − → → ∗ ∗ γ , and v ∈ T p (M ), γ v = γ (v), for a linear form ω ∈ T p (M ), γ ∗ ω = ω ◦ − − → − → ∗ ∗ for any tensor T , γ T is tangent toΣ, in the sense that γ T results in zero if one .

3). 32 3 Geometry of Hypersurfaces ˆ In particular, we identify any In what follows, we identify Σˆ and Σ = Φ(Σ). vector on Σˆ with its push-forward image in M , writing simply v instead of Φ∗ v. The pull-back operation can be extended to the multi-linear forms on T p (M ) in an obvious way: if T is a n-linear form on T p (M ), Φ ∗ T is the n-linear form on T p (Σ) defined by ∀(v1 , . . , vn ) ∈ T p (Σ)n , Φ ∗ T (v1 , . . , vn ) = T (Φ∗ v1 , . . , Φ∗ vn ). 1 By itself, the embedding Φ induces a mapping from vectors on Σ to vectors on M (push-forward mapping Φ∗ ) and a mapping from 1-forms on M to 1-forms on Σ (pull-back mapping Φ ∗ ), but not in the reverse way.

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