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The briefest of the short! provides brief descriptions of a multitiude of subject matters, plus symptoms on different VSIs (Very brief Introductions) that may provide extra (but nonetheless short!) informative introductions....

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Perhaps we believe that people have immortal, non-material parts called souls or spirits; or, quite the opposite, that we are just complicated arrangements of matter that gradually fall to bits after we die. So most of us, even those who don’t think about it at all, have something like answers to the two basic philosophical questions, namely: what should we do? and, what is there? ‘A vigorous and engaging introduction that speaks to the philosopher in everyone. ’ John Cottingham, University of Reading 24 Political Philosophy David Miller This book introduces readers to the concepts of political philosophy.

For every historian, what is at stake is what actually happened – and what it might mean. There is an excitement to these precarious attempts to grasp the ‘truth’, a truth that might at any point be revealed as illusory. 55 Are there any good guys? Do historians reconstruct the truth or simply tell stories? John Arnold suggests that they do both, and that the balance between ‘truth’ and ‘story’ is tremendously important to history. Taking us from the fabulous tales of ancient Greek historians to the varied approaches of modern historians, he illuminates our relationship to the past by making us aware of how ‘history’ has changed as a subject.

But if the ancient world jangles in all our pockets, it also confronts us from stage and screen, from hoardings and textbooks, novels and posters, low and high art. From the movie Gladiator to Freud’s Oedipus complex, Very Short Introductions are there to open our eyes. Harry Sidebottom’s Ancient Warfare: A Very Short Introduction, in fact, starts with those memorable scenes at the beginning of Gladiator which recreated a terrible battle between Romans and Germans – and it proceeds to wonder not only how accurate Ridley Scott’s movie is as a picture of ancient fighting, but also how such military conflicts between the forces of ruthless ‘civilisation’ and those of undisciplined ‘barbarism’ have become a key image in Western culture, from Homer on.

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