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By V S Letokhov, Pierre Meystre

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The delivery of quantum electronics in the course of the 20 th century and the subsquent discovery of the laser ended in new traits in physics and a few photonic technolgies. This quantity is devoted to Peter Franken, a pioneer of nonlinear optics, and comprises papers by way of the founders of quantum electronics, Aleksandr Prokhorov, Nicolaas Blombergen, and Norman Ramsey. the subjects lined variety from astronomy to nuclear and semiconductor physics, and from primary difficulties in quantum mechanics to purposes in novel laser fabrics and nanoscience.

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The coherence YI 2 = 1 I 2( YHb + Y2 """,b ) + y" + y' , (A2S) (A2 6) Y2 b = 1 / 2( Y2 ->b + R + y" + y' ) . 2, the separation of the dressed states, are much smaller than the transition from I d> to one of them and also much smaller than the transition from one of them to Ib>. > b sgn (g ::) sgn (g �) , (A34) where sgn denotes the sign-function. 2. Solution of Equations of Motion for the Steady State Solving the equations of motion for the steady state to first order in the optical field, leads to the following susceptibility (N is the number density of atoms) X lbN t' bN - t' PIb + 2 P2 h Eo E = X ' + iX l/ , Eo E (A35) R.

A. Kocharovskaya and Y. I. Khanin, Pis 'rna Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz. , 48, 5 8 1 ( 1 988). O. A. Kocharovskaya and Y. 1. Khanin, JETP Lett, 48, 630 ( 1 9 88). E. S . Fry et ai. , Phys. Rev. Lett. , 70, 3 23 5 ( 1 993). O. Kocharovskaya and P. Mandel, Phys. Rev. , A 4 2 , 523 ( 1 990). O. Kocharovskaya, P. Mandel and Y. V. Radeonychev, Phys. Rev. A 45, 1 997 ( 1 992) . M . O . Scully. S . -Y. Zhu and A . Gavrielides, Phys. Rev. Lett. , 62. 28 1 3 ( 1 989). A. Lyras, X. Tang, P. Lampropoulos and J. Zhang, Phys.

04 YC-i b ' YZ -i b - (27) where the decay without the dc-field is (28) In other words, the spontaneous emission becomes very slow. Thus, the pump rate, which is needed to keep the population in the upper state 12), is much smaller than without the dc-field. In conclusion, the scheme in Figure 5 provides an enhanced index of refraction and reduces, at the same time, the spontaneous emission of the in the upper states required population. That is the pump rate R is reduced by one order of magnitude.

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