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By MacLane S., G. Birkhoff

ISBN-10: 0828403309

ISBN-13: 9780828403306

This e-book goals to give sleek algebra from first ideas, with a view to be
accessible to undergraduates or graduates, and this by means of combining typical
materials and the wanted algebraic manipulations with the final ideas
which make clear their that means and significance.

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If you are giving a basic math lecture, and if you make mistakes—even very small ones—then the students will get lost. They have neither the experience nor the insight to quickly fill in gaps and then move on. Instead, they shift gears, stop listening, puzzle over the imprecision, and then give up and start thinking about what to have for lunch. ” And then continue to listen to what is being said. It clearly requires insight and experience and genuine mathematical ability to be able to fill in someone else’s gaps (it is hard enough to fill in one’s ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ “master” — 2011/11/9 — 15:21 — page 38 — #56 ✐ ✐ 38 2.

While this last step is a good and valuable one, it also tends to stultify the subject, and to slow it down. Much of its vibrancy is squelched in this process. The good news is that important ideas will be taught to the next generation of mathematicians, and they will reinvent the ideas and formulate them in their own language. In that way they bring the ideas back to life, and then new progress is made. This is exciting to witness, and it is what keeps us going. The unifying theme of the last three paragraphs is that the important lingua franca in mathematics is ideas.

0 Chapter Overview God is in the details. What sorts of problems can be used to ferret out mathematical maturity? What aspects of the mathematics curriculum are essential to mathematical maturity? What activities in the math department are dedicated to the development of mathematical maturity and which are not? How can computers play a role in developing mathematical maturity? Are real analysis and abstract algebra and topology and geometry the beall and end-all of mathematical maturity? Are there other aspects of the mathematical pie that can play a productive role here?

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Algebra by MacLane S., G. Birkhoff

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