Download e-book for kindle: All Yesterdays by John Conway, C.M. Kosemen, Darren Naish

By John Conway, C.M. Kosemen, Darren Naish

ISBN-10: 1291176918

ISBN-13: 9781291176919

All Yesterdays is a booklet in regards to the approach we see dinosaurs and other
prehistoric animals. Lavishly illustrated with over sixty original
artworks, All Yesterdays goals to problem our notions of ways prehistoric
animals appeared and behaved. As an severe exploration of palaeontological
art, All Yesterdays asks questions about what's possible, what is
possible, and what's typically ignored.

Written via palaeozoologist Darren Naish, and palaeontological artists John
Conway and C.M. Kosemen, All Yesterdays is scientifically rigorous and
artistically imaginitive in its method of fossils of the earlier - and those
of the longer term.

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Outside of archosaurs, little similar work is so obvious, bar the several anatomist-artists (including Jay Matternes and Adrie and Alfons Kennis) who have worked so hard to reconstruct the faces and bodies of fossil hominids. n and the like. Several other palaeoartists of the modern era-Jason Brougham, Mark Hallett, Scott Hartman, Bob Nicholls, Emily Willoughby and Mark Witton come to mind-are similarly part of the 'anatomically rigorous' movement. Others are not, and it shows. It should be noted that there are some disagreements at the level of reconstructing skeletons and musculature, and that improvements and tweaks are frequently being made.

Majungasaurus Makes Like a Log Crypsis is a theme rarely explored in palaeontological art. Many present-day animals develop complex coloration schemes to disguise themselves from predators, prey, or both. Other animals match their appearance and behavior to different, usually poisonous species and mimic them for protection. While crypsis and mimicry are seen most often in smaller creatures, large-bodied animals also exhibit strange and confusing body patterns for disguise. s orange and black stripes might look dazzling in a zoo but, in its natural environment, they render it nearly invisible in the tall grass.

However, matings between distantly-related species also occur in the wild. These seem to serve no function other than to relieve the frustration or boredom of at least one of the participants. As unsettling as they may seem, such acts may even be considered to be part of the animal's play behavior. 25 It is well known that modern elephants are prone to a sort of seasonal sexual madness when they go through a phase of heightened sexual aggression termed musth. While in musth, elephants have been observed trying to forcefully mate with members of different species, such as rhinos.

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