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For if a tautology is denied, it is necessary to suppose that some one of its constituent propositions is both true and not true. And for the second definition, we may say that a 'possible world' is defined by a possible distribution of truth-values to the constituents in a compound proposition. A tautology, then, is true in all possible worlds. e. a combination of objects. A proposition is true if what it represents does exist, and is false if it does not. 05). With the expression, 'in order to tell whether a proposition is true or false', we introduce the concept of knowledge, knowledge of the way things are in the world, knowledge of the truth or falsity of propositions.

It is in the quality of the relation between subject and the world, that we find value. Wittgenstein writes (Notebooks, p. 76): I will call 'will' first and foremost the bearer of good and evil. And in the Tractatus: 6-423 It is impossible to speak about the will in so far as it is the subject of ethical attributes. And the will as a phenomenon is of interest only to psychology. 43 If the good or bad exercise of the will does alter the world, it can alter only the limits of the world, not the facts-not what can be expressed by means of language.

It should be seen that the inexpressible is precisely what limits language. Language is limited by its nature and by its extent; its limits are given by logical form, and in the sum of all propositions, which corresponds to the totality of the world. But neither logical form nor the totality of the world can be represented by language. In setting the limits to language, therefore, those limits are transgressed; in the limitation of language, we grasp at the same time what lies beyond its limits, the inexpressible.

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