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For the sake of expediency, try to be like mother in various ways. She will, say, desire to dress orderly rather than sloppily, extravagantly or not at all, to wash without splashes all over the bathroom, to eat properly and not just any old way, to use no bad language, to say "please" and "thank you", to be polite, etc. There are more satisfying ways of dressing, washing, eating, etc. Yet, she would not be mother, or be like her. DEFENSE MECHANISMS 41 Besides the parents and, perhaps, especially father would not like those ways, and that may entail that he would do even less for her, she feels, than he is already doing.

Say, in the midst of a coffee-break conversation about the economic situation in England one of the discussants notices much to his surprise that a thought of strawberries had flashed through his mind. Where did it come from? e. 1957) declining exports of British cars, which he regretted or, in other words, which he wanted to counter-act, he had an inkling of a thought of helping by consuming British goods. But what ? T o buy a British car was far too much of an expense. May be, he could buy something little, a bottle of whiskey, or food, strawberries perhaps.

Establish counter-cathexis or defense, no matter whether on a lower level than before or on the same level. If no new substitute desires are recruited for the one that has dropped out, the substitution continuum will "regress". "Acceleration" or anxiety will come to a stop, but the substitution continuum will be on a lower level. It will remain somewhat more accelerated than it was just before decimation occurred, that is just before the desire dropped out. Only when new substitute desires are recruited or, more precisely, only when the newly recruited desires are powerful and/or numerous enough to make up for the deficit, can the substitution continuum be restored to its state before decimation.

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