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113 On the highly sacral nature of all thresholds, esp. of that between the two great stages of life, namely childhood and puberty, or that of the single and married state, see the monumental work by Arnold van Gennep (1909). 49 being with the guest for three days in my father’s house, since I have caused no one any pain. For this reason, on account of your meddling, you shall grieve all over again, and I shall return to the place appointed to me. 114 In my view, her complaint suggests that her parents’ interruption stopped her on her way to completing the task delegated by a divinity: to achieve rest and become the “properly dead” by means of completing what had not been completed in her short life.

5), not all ghosts requested their burial so kindly; some of them were dangerous and aggressive towards the living. 84 This is confirmed by the Christian author Tertullian (c. AD 200): “It was held that the unburied were not accepted into the underworld until they had received the due rites. We learn this from Homer’s Patroclus, who demands burial from Achilles in his dreams, since he could not otherwise approach the entrance to the underworld, as the shades of the buried were keeping him far away from it.

For it seems significant that the crucial scene – Philinnion visiting Machates – is set at night in a closed room, in hiding. The nurse peeking through the keyhole or through the crack in the door is a beholder who breaks a taboo; she also uncovers the mystery to the other personages, such as to the girl’s mother and father who, in consequence, violate the taboo even more by 65 Hansen (1996): 81. 66 Hansen (2002): 396; cf. Hansen (1996): 82. 67 Ibid. 37 rudely interrupting the youngsters’ rendezvous.

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