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"A impressive, organ-by-organ trip during the physique eclectic. . . impossible to resist [and] impressive."—John J. Ross, Wall road JournalThe human physique is the main fraught and interesting, talked-about and taboo, detailed but common truth of our lives. it's the proposal for paintings, the topic of technological know-how, and the resource of a few of the best tales ever advised. In Anatomies, acclaimed writer of Periodic stories Hugh Aldersey-Williams brings his enjoyable combination of technological know-how, historical past, and tradition to endure in this richest of subjects.

In an attractive narrative that levels from historic physique artwork to cosmetic surgery at the present time and from head to toe, Aldersey-Williams explores the corporeal mysteries that make us human: Why are a few humans left-handed and a few blue-eyed? what's the humorous bone, besides? Why do a little cultures give some thought to the center because the seat of our souls and passions, whereas others position it within the liver?

A journalist with a knack for telling a narrative, Aldersey-Williams takes half in a drawing type, attends the dissection of a human physique, and visits the doctor's workplace and the morgue. yet Anatomies attracts not only on scientific technological know-how and Aldersey-Williams's reporting. It attracts additionally at the works of philosophers, writers, and artists from all through background. Aldersey-Williams delves into our shared cultural heritage—Shakespeare to Frankenstein, Rembrandt to 2001: an area Odyssey—to exhibit how attitudes towards the human physique are as different as human historical past, as he explains the origins and legacy of tattooing, shrunken heads, bloodletting, fingerprinting, X-rays, and more.

From Adam's rib to van Gogh's ear to Einstein's mind, Anatomies is a treasure trove of unusual proof and tales and a superb embodiment of what Aristotle wrote greater than millennia in the past: "The human physique is greater than the sum of its parts."

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3. BRAIN The brain is divided into a forebrain (prosencephalon), consisting of the cerebral cortex and thalamus, midbrain (mesencephalon), and hindbrain (rhombencephalon), composed of the pons, cerebellum, and medulla oblongata. The medulla oblongata, pons, and midbrain are collectively described as the brainstem. The brain is located in the cranial cavity. Its floor is divided into three horizontal shelves or fossae, from rostral to caudal, which are successively lower (Fig. 4). The anterior cranial fossa is composed of the crista galli and cribriform plate of the ethmoid, the greater wing of the sphenoid and frontal bones.

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