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By Péter Hraskó

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This short provides a brand new approach of introducing relativity conception, during which confusing relativistic results comparable to time dilation and Lorentz contraction are defined ahead of the dialogue of Lorentz-transformation. The inspiration of relativistic mass is proven to contradict the spirit of relativity thought and the real importance of the mass-energy relation is contrasted with the preferred view of it. the writer discusses the dual paradox from the perspective of either siblings. final yet no longer least, the basics of normal relativity are defined, together with the new Gravity Probe B experiment.

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The other is the belief that increase of mass with velocity is an observable phenomenon rather than empty verbalism. Finally, virtual possibility to restore mass conservation appears to be a surprizingly strong motivation too. The imaginary experiment with the rotating particles on Fig. 5a has originally been devised in the hope to prove the reality of velocity dependent mass. But the experiment demonstrates only that the rotation of the particles makes the weight of the box greater. Mass–energy relation attributes this growth in weight to the increase of the internal energy of the box, while its popular interpretation ascribes it to the increase of the masses of the particles.

Why then bother about superluminal velocities and causal paradox? The answer is that signals are not necessarily moving bodies, the obvious example being a light pulse. There may also exist elementary particles which are born in a radioactive process as faster-than-light objects. No such exotic particle has so far been observed but a name has already been given to them: They are called tachyons. The mathematical formalism of relativity theory does not forbid tachyons but their real existence would certainly undermine causality.

For example, wave packets of the thought experiment of Sect. 10 are endowed with mass =c2 and so the total mass in the process of their absorption can be said to conserve. Attempts to justify the assignment of mass to free electromagnetic radiation embrace light deflection and red shift in gravitational field but they fail both numerically and in principle (see Sects. 9). Our conclusion is that Einstein’s and popular views on the mass–energy relation are fundamentally different from each other.

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