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Benny Goodman: Wrappin' It Up provides swing fanatics, jazz students, and creditors with newly came across recordings, proclaims, and engagements of the famed clarinetist unearthed when you consider that Connor's Benny Goodman: hearken to His Legacy (Scarecrow, 1988). The listings of enormous quantities of formerly unknown recordings will satisfaction creditors, whereas jazz fanatics will take pleasure in Connor's intimate memories of his friendship with Goodman, which carry a human measurement to an artist frequently recognized just for his tune. students will treasure the treatise on Goodman's preparations now within the collections on the long island Public Library and Yale college. Wrappin' It Up additionally comprises 28 infrequent photos, many by no means released prior to, that span Goodman's profession in either the recording and picture studio in addition to a special part protecting over 300 formerly unknown broadcast recordings from 1935 to 1943. additionally incorporated are present costs for Goodman memorabilia, a agenda of Goodman's movie and tv appearances on hand on video, a necrology of Goodman's sidemen and co-workers, and indexes.

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For instance Benny's tapes were in rental storage at 50th and Broadway; the building had new owners, and he lost his lease. He, Muriel and I went there to take inventory, found total disarray, eventually gave up. Benny groused because he'd wasted half a day. While I stood in pouring rain to hail a cab, he and Muriel stayed in the doorway. False alarms, they'd run into the street, get as wet as I was. Benny's blood pressure rose. Success at last, we taxied to his apartment. I outfumbled Benny for the fare, his ill humor peaked.

No. But I didn't want to imply that Benny couldn't control Joe, nor that Benny was, uh, cheap. Instead: "How about Jimmy Rushing? " Turned out well, Jimmy was a hit, and from then on Benny had confidence in my suggestions. From time to time Benny challenged me. He once interrupted his incessant practicing to tootle a few bars of a tune that was familiar, but whose title eluded me. "Hah! " He had, of course, waxed that obscure pop tune a quarter-century earlier (it was in my manuscript). Later I realized I'd witnessed a rare event; he seldom named a tune, almost always hummed it.

But he was expected back the end of August; if I would call then, and if Mr. Goodman were agreeable, she'd set up an appointment. I did, Benny would see me, and Muriel set the date. Wearing my best suit, a new tie emblazoned with musical instrumentsbut no clarinetI took the Pennsy to New York, taxied to the Manhattan House. Security buzzed the apartment, escorted me to an elevator, hit the button for the 21 st floor. I rang the bell of B-2101, and Muriel admitted me. Her next words were shocking: "I'm sorry, Mr.

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