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By Spencer Westwood

Hidden brain secrets and techniques of guitar taking part in printed! the right way to use Nlp/Dhe strategies, speeded up studying and useful concepts to enhance your Guitar taking part in talents

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Well before I give away the model of guitar playing, I want you to ‘model’ your own playing. com Using the same two friends – they already know your eye movement patterns now. You want to think about playing a slow ballad – get them to write down the different places you look (there will be a few). Then think about playing a piece at speed. Then think about playing loudly Then playing quietly. Now given the patterns we need to convert them into what they actually mean. For example if the sequence when you’re playing a ballad is Look up left, look right, look left, look up left, look right, look up left, look right, and look left.

Remember we talked about the different stages of learning. Before starting this section, you may not have even known what a trance state was. Then you practiced it and got some conscious competency using controls. With time the whole process becomes automatic. The same applies to controlling stage fright - unconscious mind trains itself to balance out. Of course there are a whole lot of irrational fears that are associated with stage fright. To conquer some of them:• Imagine the audience is naked and have ears the size of elephants.

If there was a way of slowing down the steps and working them out would this be useful? Well it might be. Let’s say take someone who is really good at something and someone who is really bad at the same thing – an example is spelling. If we had a way of working out how people are thinking specifically whilst they are spelling a word there would be some difference – otherwise the two people would both either be really bad or really good at spelling – they are using the same thought pattern. If however it’s different then not only can we work out the good pattern and the differences.

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