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By J. Baird Callicott

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A sequel to Callicott's pioneering paintings, In protection of the Land Ethic, past the Land Ethic engages a large spectrum of issues crucial to the sphere, together with the bothered courting of environmental philosophy to present mainstream educational philosophy; the connection of contemporary advancements in evolutionary and ecological sciences to the Leopold land ethic lengthy championed through the writer; the perennial debates in environmental ethics concerning the ontological prestige of intrinsic price and the need of ethical pluralism; the metaphysical implications of ecology and the recent Physics as show up in agriculture, drugs, and commercial know-how; and the philosophical dimensions of conservation biology and "clinical ecology."

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When something is valued instrumentally, it is valued by some valuing subject as a means only. On the other hand, if something has intrinsic value, it is also an end-in-itself. The normative function of finding objective intrinsic value in nature is to transform nature (or some elements or aspects of it) from the status of a mere means to the status of an end-in-itself. We can, however, preserve the distinction between means and ends without challenging the Cartesian cleft between the res extensa and the res cogitans.

What will succeed analytic philosophy and phenomenology as the twenty-first century ripens? I've bet my life on the belief that environmental philosophy will be regarded by future historians as the bellwether of a twenty-first-century intellectual effort to think through the philosophical implications of the profound paradigm shifts that occurred in the sciences during the twentieth century. Hasn't philosophy of science, a Page 5 twentieth-century innovation, been doing just that all along, you may be thinking?

All were "virtual" (or potential) properties of objects that are actualized only by interaction with physical subjects. Short of some such foundational project as this, hard as we try to conjure it, intrinsic value cannot be shown to exist objectively in nature. But short of some such foundational project as constructing a post-Cartesian worldview from the conceptual resources of the New Physics, we can get by just fine, in environmental ethics, with a normatively equivalent theory of subjectively conferred intrinsic value in nature.

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