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A single muscle can only pull or contract – it cannot forcefully push. So muscles are arranged in groups, for example, around a bone. One group pulls the bone one way; another muscle team pulls the bone another way, another twists it, and so on. So even a seemingly simple movement is an amazing feat of multi-coordination. E s i c ExEr sclEs u m makEs r E k c thi Superior, or surface muscles curl up tongue flexible tongue extended leg with knee straightened The most flexible body part is in fact a set of eight muscles joined together – four attached at one end to bones or other tissues, and four within the tongue itself.

Concrete ” “tentacles” reach into surrounding bone tissue repairing bone A broken or cracked bone starts to repair itself almost straight away. Blood clots in the break to stop further leaks. White blood cells gather to fight infection and clear away dead cells and tissues. Other cells make fibres that grow between the broken ends. Cells called osteoblasts then produce spongy bone which, in the outer layer, hardens into compact bone. 1 PER CENT compact Bone This bone consists of hundreds of tiny, tough rods – each with many circular layers inside – packed tightly together for strength and firmness.

They learn how to relax the muscles fully so that they can be stretched further. flipping out flexibility There are several reasons for hypermobility — the ability of some joints to bend and twist more than usual. The bone ends might be a slightly different shape, such as flatter rather than bowl-like. Some people naturally produce more collagen — the part of ligaments that holds bones together – than others, which makes their ligaments stretchier. Variations in hormone levels, especially that of the female hormone oestrogen, can also affect ligament strength.

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