Robin Cole's Born Again Texan!: A Newcomer's Guide to Texas PDF

By Robin Cole

ISBN-10: 1556227302

ISBN-13: 9781556227301

"The sunlight shot during the threatening typhoon clouds, making golden the street sooner than me. I crossed the nation line?it used to be a magical experience?my hair received tremendous, I received my accessory again, I laughed out loud, and that i was once BORN back TEXAN!"

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A Houston cockroach can move furniture. Mosquitoes stare you in the eye while they suck your blood. Tiny fire ants are new to me as they were imported while I was gone. I was introduced to the little devils my first Fourth of July back. I was foolishly standing in the grass wearing sandals while watching a parade. Texas grass is not intended to be walked on, just viewed, and sandals are to be worn only indoors. The fire ant attack was sudden and well organized. I felt as if hot acid had been splashed on my feet.

The CAF Cadet Program allows teenagers thirteen to sixteen to volunteer during CAF activities, such as air shows, and to be active members of the units. There are many groups around the country. I have several friends who are colonels in the Confederate Air Force. Colonel Bob, a fine Air Force pilot, recently made a pilgrimage to Midland to the American Airpower Heritage Museum and reported it to be a highly worthwhile experience. He stopped by on his way back home to South Carolina, and that's where I learned about this fine organization and their work.

Page 31 Bluebonnets and Lady Bird If ever I so slightly wavered on my decision to make my home again in Texas, my fate was sealed during my first spring back. The queen of the vast Lone Star wild-flower dynasty observed her yearly coronation by painting the hillsides and by-ways awash with her white tipped, purple-blue majesty. The hill country display is seductive, and I promised myself that I would be here to celebrate the bluebonnet every year from now until eternity. The profusion of wildflowers is not totally by chance.

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