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The annual London event has since been supplemented by a growing web of local fundraising initiatives, including regional mass sings such as Sing for Water West in Bristol, Sing for Water North in Manchester, and Sing and Swim for Water in Cambridge. 2 For the curious bystander, today’s performance raises a number of questions. Where have these 850 singers come from? How is it possible that—as Roxane mentioned when she introduced the singers—this is the first time these particular individuals have all performed together as a choir?

The choirs and individuals who inhabit this world typically have a strong outward-facing stance that impels them to explore new realms of experience and to make new connections beyond their immediate community. This in turn allows them to contribute to improving not only their own quality of life but also that of other people in other places. While my central focus is on networks of singing activity in the British Isles, my study also follows some of the singers as they venture out—literally as well as metaphorically—into the wider world, where they establish mutually rewarding musical alliances with singers in other cultures that, in some cases, develop into profound, long-term relationships.

Other studies focus on the benefits of choir singing for marginalised, isolated, or hard-to-reach groups, such as prison inmates (Cohen 2009; Roma 2010; Silber 2005), homeless men (Bailey and Davidson 2002, 2005), and the elderly (Bungay et al. 2010; Li and Southcott 2012). g. Clift et al. 2008a; Clift and Hancox 2010; Louhivuori et al. 2005). 11 The collection Where Music Helps: Community Music Therapy in Action and Reflection (Stige et al. 2010a) features a handful of chapters on choirs and singing groups: a group in East London for adults with mental health problems, a choir for adults with physical disabilities in Israel, a children’s choir in South Africa, and a senior choir in rural Western Norway.

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