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By Martin Koch

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Книга development electrical Guitars development electrical GuitarsКниги English литература Автор: Martin Koch Год издания: 2001 Формат: pdf Издат.:eBook variation © Страниц: 235 Размер: 5,7 Mб Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:В книге МартинаКоха поэтапно рассказан и показан весь процесс производства электрогитар различных типов, от начальной до финальной стадии.Вы узнаете, какое дерево лучше подходит для разных гитар, как дерево лучше высушивать, какие звукосниматели и активную электронику применять и т.д. и т.п.В последней главе иллюстрированный репортаж о посещении мастерских таких известных брэндов, как "Steve Jarman Guitars" (Великобритания), "Sadowsky Guitars" (США) и "PRS-Guitars" (США).

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06mm (AWG 42) wire, and I continued to use it until the day I checked the gauge. Since I managed to successfully wind a few pickups without making a considerably thinner wire break, I now dare say that with a bit of care it is “almost impossible” to make the “right-gauge” and comparatively thick wire that I use now snap. When making my first home-made pickup, I wound each of the six magnets individually because I could not imagine that winding around an uneven bobbin could possibly work well. Meanwhile I have tried both methods and would recommend winding around all the magnets or, on split pickups, around one half of the magnets and then around the other half.

One possibility would be to couple the bobbin with the counter of an old tape recorder or a bike speedometer. If the counter has only three digits, each new start at “000” has to be noted. I use a four-digit counter (1) that is linked to the bobbin with a rubber band. If the bobbin and the counter shaft diameter are the same, the number shown on the counter equals the number of windings on the coil. Other counters have a lever which has to be operated with each winding that is added (2). 43 1 4 How many turns?

A quick subjective correlation of frequency to sound is that at 2,000 Hz the sound is warm and mellow, at 3,000 Hz brilliant or present, at 4,000 Hz piercing, and at 5,000 Hz or more brittle and thin. The sound also depends on the height of the peak, of course. A high peak produces a powerful, characteristic sound; a low peak produces a weaker sound, especially with solid body guitars that have no acoustic body resonances. The peak heights of most available pickups range between 1 and 4 (0 to 12 dB), it is dependent on the magnetic material in the coil, on the external resistive load, on the metal case (without case it is higher, many guitarists prefer this).

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Building Electric Guitars: How to Make Solid-Body, Hollow-Body and Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars by Martin Koch

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