Make a Hack tool – How to Make a Keylogger Using C++ program



make a key logger using c plus plus (keylogger using c++)Hacking software’s are everywhere. You can get hacking tools and other products simply from everywhere. There is lot of hacking tools dedicated to gather information about the victim since the process called information gathering is one of the very important steps in hacking. Key-loggers are some sort of software that is used to gather key strokes from the keyboard. The information like passwords, secret messages…etc can be captured using the key-logger.  There is a bunch of key-loggers are available from internet. Some of them are really spooky. They come with many features like stealth mode, sending emails…etc.

Now,  we are going to show you how to make a key-logger using C++ programming language. We can simply implement the idea of key-logger using C++ program. Now enjoy using your own key-logger. You can use an IDE such as Code::Blocks to create this program. We hope this can help you understand the inner workings of a key-logger. And of course BE ALERT 

Now ready to compile and run. I am using Code::Blocks to compile/execute the program. You can use any compiler. Then you will get an executable file. You can test it on your system. It creates a file named ‘keys.txt’ when the program executes. In that file, our key-logger stores every key strokes. Now we made a hack tool. Ready to track every keys and be a hacker.

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