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Mobile Projector

Now ready to project from the pocket. Sony introduced such a portable projector named MP-CL1. It gives 1920 x 720 pixel images. The portable projector has 80000:1 high Contrast ratio for efficient color reproduction. It can display 120 inch screen size in projector even 3.45 meter distance. Sony introduced mobile projector with portable speaker. It projects any data from smart phone or tablet. We can connect projector using MHL Port to other devices. The device has 210 gram weight and works with 3400 mAh battery capacity. And it has the rate of 26990 Indian Rupees. With such a powerful projector just the size of a cell phone, it is interesting to take a look at the technology behind this Mobile Pico Projector.The Mobile Pico Projector MP-CL1 does not require you to focus the image. Kastunori Seno told that, “The laser beam is one beam raster drawing and does not require a focusing lens before the beam leaves the projector. This contributes to the clarity and resolution of the image.”

Keystone correction is available within the menu of the Mobile Pico Projector to adjust for horizontal and vertical image displays. This avoids having to keep adjusting the image. “There is a fan inside that is designed to be silent and, also, metal casing is used to disperse heat,” Yukio Ishii – product design engineer from Sony Energy Devices added. It also has a loudspeaker and a normal 3.5 mm port for headphones if you want the sound to be played back by the projector.

Now we can set our home like a Cinema theater.

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