Ready to fly in the air

Are you ready to think to fly in the air by a drone? In 2016 consumer electronics show was rich with Drones. But E-hang 184 was different in the show. It can fly with a passenger without pilot in to 11500 feet (3505 meter) height. It has a user interface tablet. Through the tablet we can give commands like air conditioning and take off.

E-hang CEO Huazhi Hu began designing the electric drone with one-seat a couple of years ago, after two of his pilot friends were killed in plane crashes. He decided that people needed a form of short-to-medium-distance personal air transport that didn’t require them to have a pilot’s license, and that took much of the danger out of low-altitude flight.

The Ehang 184 promises a future where the highways are replaced with skyways filled with the world’s first passenger drone. So, ready to fly in the air.

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