Robot Monk – This Buddhist monk gives you wisdom


We know that Buddha was a man who sought solutions for suffering. He found the answer and taught to the people how to free from suffering. Now we have a robot who can actually teach us wisdom.

In an unexpected synthesis of ancient and modern, a Buddhist temple on the edge of Beijing has developed a robot monk who can chant mantras and and explain basic tenets of faith.

“Science and Buddhism are not opposing nor contradicting, and can be combined and mutually compatible,” he told Reuters. Master Xianfian, a (human) monk at Longquan and Xian’er’s creator, said artificial intelligence could be harnessed to spread Buddhist wisdom in China. A Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Beijing has embraced technology and debuted a robot monk in a bid to attract new followers to the faith.

The cartoon-like creation, dubbed Xian’er, wears a yellow robe and has a shaved head, and can recite mantras and answer 20 simple questions about Buddhism and the daily lifestyle at the Lonquan temple from an attached screen.

Xianer has speech recognition ability, which allows him to engage in simple dialogue with humans. You can ask him: “who are you,” “how old are you,” “who is your master,” and other questions. In addition, he can receive orders and make corresponding body movements, chant Buddhist “Sutras” and play Buddhist music.


Xianer is widely liked, and many people have even expressed interest in buying their ownXianers. However, according to Master Xianfan, director of the animation center ofLongquan Temple, there is currently only one Xianer robot monk. “After all, this is not acommercial endeavor,” the director explained. “We made Xianer to preach Buddhistdoctrines in a modern way.”


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