How to be a Scientist – Become a Great Scientist,-how-to-be-a-scientistWe all are scientists because we all are curious about many things.  We have the ability to Think, Ask and Act. A scientist is a person like us. A famous doctor stole the brain of Albert Einstein for autopsy. (Read the story in wikipedia). But he couldn’t find anything special from the brain. The brain of us and Albert Einstein are same. How to be like a Scientist? Have you ever asked like this to you? Here is the answer.

See failures as a beginning not an end – Failures teach us a lot. Edison is the main example, the man who failed a lot while finding a bulb. But he never tried to quit from the dream. Once he said that ‘Many of Life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up’. FAIL means First Attempt In Learning.

Never stop learning – Learning is a continuous process throughout the entire life. Human have the greatest brain in the world. We learn from experiences and experiments, not only from books. Open your eyes and ears and learn from world.

Assume nothing, question everything – Questioning is important in our life. If we never questioning something, we can’t be big. Questions make us to understand deeply. Curious about something, that made the world like this.

Teach others what you know – Teaching is another important in the world. Knowledge is never decreases while giving. The great scientists are great teachers also.

Analyze objectively – Analyzing power is important to a Scientist. That is increased by Curiosity. We can analyze objectively. A Scientist is like a detective. He finds evidences and answers to the question.

Practice humility – We can honor others by giving attention to then instead of myself.

Respect Constructive criticism – Criticism say about your mistakes. Admit such criticisms.

Give credit where it is due – Giving credits to others is another way of respect and humility.

Take initiative – Taking initiative makes good leaders and Scientists. Before taking it, you should aware about the situation and understand the problem

Ask the tough questions early – Asking tough questions early makes the problem or task easily understandable after the answer.

Love what you do, or leave – If you do anything with a passion then it will be a great. Science and Scientist are like this. Always seeking the truths and find new paths.

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