Proximity Sensor Fix – Screen Going Blank on YU Yureka


In Short: Fix the screen going blank problem during the call on yu yureka.

Yureka Phones are running Cyanogen. Yureka  started receiving the Cyanogen 12 update based on Android 5.0 (Lollipop). The phone has some issues regarding the proximity sensor.  The update has however brought a bunch of bugs with it; one of them is the issue with Proximity Sensor of the device which causes the phone’s screen to turn off during an incoming or outgoing call. The issue was there in the KitKat OS as well, but it was a way less common. Anyways, while we expect YU or Cyanogen to push an incremental update fixing the issue, here’s a possible solution which should help.


  1. Outgoing & Incoming Calls – Screen turns off during a call
  2. Incoming Calls – Screen turns off as soon as you receive a call making it impossible to even pick up the call.
  3. During Playing Audio in whatsapp the screen goes blank until the audio is stopped.

Fixing the Blank/Black Screen Issue

The blank (or black) screen during calls is caused by the Proximity Senor of the phone. It is a hardware issue with the sensor as its detection is not as robust as it needs to be. Calibrating the proximity sensor manually can fix or at least reduce the occurrence of Blank Screen during incoming and outgoing calls. Follow these steps to calibrate the Proximity Sensor on your Yureka.

This only applies to users who have updated to CM12/Android Lollipop. If you haven’t yet, check the system update on your phone
  1. Open the Dialpad on your Yureka
  2. Dial  *#*#7769#*#*
  3. In the proximity calibration screen, tap on StartStart Calibration Yureka Cyanogen 12
  4. Wait a few seconds till it reads Calibration Good (in green)calibration good yureka cyanogen 12
  5. Tap Exit and you’re good to go.

That’s it. Most likely you won’t face the issue on the next call that you receive. If you still face it, make sure that there is no dust or screen protector covering the Proximity Sensor. Then restart your phone and consider repeating the steps again.

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